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Today is an Important Day

Rachel and I aren't super good at getting our shit together enough to send out greeting cards at the end of the year. Every year we would get really motivated to seem like adult people to our family and friends and we would decide that this was the year we would send out end-of-year cards with our names on them. Make no plans, my friends. Despite our motivation and our words of encouragement to each other, year after year December slipped into January without a single greeting card being sent from our address.

That all changed in 2014 when we decided to fuck end-of-year cards and just send a greeting when we had the time to focus on it goddammit. You know when I don't have time to sign, seal, and deliver a bunch of cards? When I am trying to buy presents, bake cakes, and attend Christmas parties off every exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast extension, that's when. You know when I do have time? In February when no one is celebrating Presidents' Day. Yes, in 2013, we sent out Presidents' Day cards to our loved ones, and it felt great. We put our faces on Mount Rushmore and shared strange facts about some of America's presidents so that people could really get into the spirit of the season (Chester Arthur owned 80 pairs of pants! Also, Chester Arthur was a US President.).

I do not have an image of our President's Day cards, but I can share with you what we sent folks for Boxing Day 2014 - yes, a full year and 10 months after our first greeting cards. One great thing about greeting people on awkward holidays is that you can make it happen whenever you have the time. In 2014, it was Boxing Day:

In 2015 we got married and sent out thank you cards, which we thought was good enough. In 2016, we were lazy and didn't do anything. But now it's 2017, and there is a holiday so momentous, so very meaningful, that we could not let it go without greeting the people we loved. That holiday is today, my friends. I want to wish you and all the people you hold dear a very happy 25th Anniversary of the Indigo Girls' Rite of Passage album.

It's been 25 years and we are still wondering when our souls will get it right.

I hope you get to celebrate with family and friends today, May 12, 2017.


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