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Nuts and Knockers!

Hello friends!

Christmas is approaching and I am worrying about where we are going to fit our tree in our tiny house (I will not downsize our tree. Sacrilege.). Our house is the cutest most cozy house in the world, but since buying it there certain thoughts have preoccupied me such as, "Why are these windows made of plexiglass? Who laid the tile so uneven? Is this Pushmatic electric panel going to explode in the night?"

We took care of the electric problem back in October, so I can safely say that not only are we not going to explode [from the electric panel], but the built in heater we didn't realize we had in the bathroom is working again. This is such a good idea, by the way. You are always going to be colder in the bathroom than in other rooms, so install a heater specific to the bathroom. Brilliant.

We got a professional to take care of the electric, but now I have a big list of DIY projects that I want to take on. For example:

  • Installing a railing in the stairwell

  • Installing lights in the stairwell

  • Simple kitchen redesign

  • Simple bathroom redesign

  • Build a bookshelf

  • Build garbage screens

  • Remove recessed lighting in the kitchen

  • Replace back yard

  • Tile Kitchen

  • Replace door knob and lock in front door

  • Hang curtains

  • Install house numbers and mailbox

  • Tile the salon

  • Hang instruments

  • Install eyehole in front door?

  • Put up a copper backsplash over the stove

Yeah, so some of these are more DIY than others, but, thankfully, my colleague (also the genius behind Publico Coffee) has his own list of more-or-less DIY-able projects, and he's good at egging me on. I mentioned before that we were starting a YouTube Channel about our trials in home improvement, and that baby is live and three weeks in! Follow us on Facebook and YouTube to keep up with our failures as we regale you with this How To... Not.

Here's our most recent episode, but you should probably start from the beginning:

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