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A Rice Update

A few months ago I admitted that I am addicted to sticky rice and I told you all how to make the perfect bowl of rice.

My addiction has not subsided - I still eat at least a cup of sticky rice every day - but I have a very important update. My mother bought me a rice cooker for my birthday. It has changed my life.

We got this one. The key component that makes this rice cooker my new best friend - besides looking like a space egg - is that you can preset the machine to have rice ready to eat the next day. You tell it at 9PM that you want to eat rice at 6AM, and the machine is on it.

I used to wake up 30 minutes earlier than necessary - at 5:30AM! - to start cooking the rice for the day. Was it worth it? Yes. But now I can set the rice cooker up before I go to sleep, and when I wake up there is hot, steaming, sticky rice ready to go! And it is perfect every time! Waking up in the morning is super hard. Knowing that there is fresh rice ready to be rolled into a triangle is one of the greatest feelings.

I highly recommend getting yourself a rice cooker. Make it easier to wake up in the morning.


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