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How to Make a Good Decision: Demystified

As many of you know by now, life is full of complexities. Everything we do has its pros and its cons. Sometimes it's hard to know if you are making a good decision or if you are about to ruin your life. You know what I mean - should I buy a house right now? Should I apply for that PhD I've always wanted? Should I drop everything and become a 1990s revival lesbian folk singer? Other questions have smaller stakes, but they still take up valuable mental energy. For example - should I eat this entire pack of cookies? Or how about that age-old question, "Can I actually wear this many prints in one outfit and still take myself seriously?"

I've been thinking about these complexities a lot recently because I am trying to make good decisions regarding some of the above questions (I mean, come on, have you seen this incredible piece of artistic genius???). The other day, Ally - the other part of The Wet - said she was searching Queer Martha for advice on how to prepare for a big trip a week before you leave, and she was disappointed that I only have advice for what to do the day before. Naturally, I have never prepared for a trip earlier than one day out, so I didn't have much to offer, but it got me thinking that sometimes you just need someone else to distill life's complexities down into something palatable no matter how under-qualified that person may be.

I figured that I could be that under-qualified person. And since there is nothing on Earth more palatable than a flow chart (except, perhaps, a Venn Diagram. Love you, Venn.), I would like to present you with Queer Martha's "Is This a Good Decision" Flow Chart. Please feel free to print this out and keep a copy with you so that you never have to waste valuable mental energy on difficult decisions again.

Queer Martha's Good Decision Flow Chart

Here is an example of the chart in action.

My question: Should I go to New York this weekend?

Is it reversible?: No

Can I actually afford it?: Yes, if I stay away from that goddamn Albertine bookstore.

Is this food or drink?: No

Can I blog about it?: Sure

Do I care if my mother reads about it?: No

Solid decision! Look like I am going to NYC this weekend!

One thing to note: the question, "Can I blog about it?" is not exclusive to folks with actual blogs. Think of this question as another way of saying, "Would it make a good story?" or "Would it make me feel more interesting?"

I hope this helps anyone in the midst of a major (or minor) decision. Good luck!

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