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The Ultimate List of Things to Do the Day Before You Leave for Vacation

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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So, you have been planning a big vacation for several months, have you? You got your passport updated, you dropped your cat off at your parents' house, and you sent your good trench coat to the dry cleaners so that you don't look schlubby. You are aware that you are representing America during a turbulent election year. You do not want to look schlubby. You're pretty ready to go, but there are always those day-before-you-leave jitters. How can you be sure you aren't forgetting to do anything? Turn to your trusty friend Queer Martha and use this Ultimate List of Things To Do the Day Before You Leave for Vacation to make sure you got everything covered.

1.) Pack your suitcase - let's be honest, you have not started packing yet. Why would you start packing before the last possible minute? What if you need something that is already in your suitcase? I certainly do not have enough socks without holes to pack earlier than the day before I leave. Besides - waiting until the last minute to pack makes packing so much more exciting.

2.) Make an away message for your work email: Is this not the most awkward thing to do? I wish the automatic replys we create for our work emails sounded more like the away messages we used on AIM. For example: ~*~*~*I'll pack my bags, I swear I'll run - wish my friends were 21*~*~*~ BrB gOiNg To JaPan! Don't pretend you don't know exactly what I am talking about.

3.) Realize you didn't get the travel passes you were supposed to, and make peace with that: Vacations sneak up on you, you know? Sure, you knew months ago that if you wanted to get the train pass that is discounted for foreigners you would have to order it in advance of your trip, but you just didn't do that, did you? That's ok! Now you get to have a truly authentic experience by paying just as much as any other national would!

4.) Pick up your dry cleaning: You totally forgot that you dropped off your good trench coat, didn't you?

5.) Wash the dishes: There are many things that I now do that I thought my mother was insane for doing when I was growing up. Most of those things have to do with cleaning the house. My mom was always adament about making sure we had no dishes in the sink before we went on vacation. I was always of the opinion that we don't want to not recognize the house when we return, so we should leave the dishes in the sink. That has changed. Wash your goddamn dishes. You will feel great when you come home have no chores to do. Your mother was right.

6.) Think about the itinerary for your trip: "Think about" does not necessarily mean "create." Sometimes just thinking about what you want to see on your trip is too overwhelming, and that is when you can turn to the experts at Journy to make a personalized itinerary for you. Rachel and I had the good folks at Journy make us a two-day itinerary for Tokyo, and it was an awesome experience. First you take a quiz so the travel consierges get to know what you like to do on vacation, then they send you an itinerary completely tailored to your interests a few days later.

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We will be exploring Shinjuku and Shibuya with the help of our Journy itinerary. The people at Journy were so sweet and so attentive, and I can't recommend the service enough. Why make things harder on yourself when you already have to pick your good trench coat up from the cleaners? Leave it to the experts.

7.) Tell yourself that anything you forgot - you can buy when you get there: Make this your mantra, and you will be just fine.

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