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The Tarot Root: Week of January 10, 2016

The Fool Reversed

The Tarot Root is a weekly installment in which we will post the card Lizzie and Rachel pulled at their Sunday night lesbian tarot extravaganza. Picture various candles burning, the "Celtic Instrumental" Pandora station playing, and incense smoke floating and you will be right there with us.

We pull one card for the week, and we reflect on the story of the card as we go about our business. There is nothing particularly divinatory about it, but it helps us be mindful that everything we do is part of some weird journey.

It is fitting that the Fool appeared for our first week of the Tarot Root here on Queer Martha. You can see on the card the number 0 - we are just on the brink of beginning of the Fool's journey. The fool is open-minded, naive, and ready for a new adventure. He's looking up into the sky and the endless possibilities of the world.

Naturally, we pulled the Fool reveresed, which is why he is upside down here. When a card is pulled reversed, it indicates that the card's energy is blocked.

Let's take a literal reading of the image and think about the Fool this way: when he is upright, he doesn't know where his next step will take him, but he knows it is on solid ground. When the Fool is reversed, he doesn't even know if his next step will send him flying into the air (because, you know... he's upside down). He doesn't know if he will have a terrible fall or if he will land safely on the other side.

The Fool Reversed asks us to think about what is keeping us from taking a risk? Are we being closed-minded about the future and new experiences? Or are we being too reckless and starting a new journey without the proper information and preparation?

As we go through the week, don't be afraid of the opportunities that present themselves to you. They might turn into a remarkable journey. But while you open yourself to new possibilities, take a moment to ask yourself if you have all you need to move forward from where you are now.

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