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Christmas Eve Reflections on Holiday Cheer

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The holidays are not always easy. Even when you love Christmas as freaking much as I do, there are times when the holidays are hard. Holidays bring up a lot of shit - family expectations of you, your expectations of family, financial fears, future fears, nostalgia, and longing. This has been a hard holiday season for a few reasons (including but not limited to the weird weather), and I wanted to reflect on a few things that help me feel the cheer.

First, a guy on the street in the Gayborhood said he liked my shoes, and I think he really meant it. Then he said, "Merry Christmas," and I think he really meant that, too.

Second, lovely friends. Yesterday, our friend Amanda came over, brough cheese, and literally wrapped all of our presents. What?! Amazing. On Monday, we went to the inimitable Emily Teel's house for her annual Carnitas y Christmas get together at which she makes carnitas and we wrap gifts. In addition to carnitas, she made peppermint marshmallows and graham cracker smore cookies. I had, I think, five of them, and they made me so, so happy. There was also cake. I love friends that make Christmas magic happen.

Third, today at the coffee shop, the baristas - I am in love with them all - were playing Christmas music and wearing their holiday finest. I was so impressed. It made me so happy. I get happy every time I visit Elixr, but this was particularly special.

Finally, I had the reminder from Miss Rae that even went you can't access the cheer, you can always access this:

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you find your cheer!

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