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Opinion Poll: When Does "Booked" Transform into "Overbooked?"

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I do this thing every once in a while/every weekend where someone asks me to do something that sounds awesome, and I'm all, "Yes, I can do that!" Like going wreath shopping at Bartram's Gardens. And then someone asks me to do something else, like watch a Star Wars Marathon in Allentown, and I say, "Um, YES, I can do that, too!" And then it happens a third time - you get invited to your wife's uncle's holiday party in Jim Thorpe, for example. Normally it stops at three because I'm not really all that in demand, but sometimes one of those events also calls for an additional activity. Like bringing some Star Wars-themed food with you, for example. And I'm fucking Queer Martha so I'm like, "I'll make an Ananas Bourdaloue cause that looks like something you would find in Coruscant and also looks like an insane amount of work."

Then, suddenly, it's Friday and you are wondering why you feel so stressed out when you have a weekend of exciting things to look forward to.

I'm just going to say right off the bat that I did not make the Ananas Bourdaloue for the Star Wars marathon. We DID bring Obi-Wan Cannoli, which was a pun I was really proud of, but I just could not make cake baking fit into my schedule. And that's my question for you, friends - when does "booked" turn into "over-booked?" I assume it is possible to forsee the threshold that separates fun times from crazy times as it approaches, but I am not quite sure how.

I look at that photo above (I took it in Melle, France in 2007 and just recently rediscovered it), and I find it so freaking soothing. That nice lady has nothing to do today! She is probably going to go back in her house after she peeks around at her neighbor a little bit, and she's going to sweep her hallway! Do you know how badly I want to take 30 minutes to sweep our hallway? There are pine needles everywhere! (It's #thepriceofchristmas). This lady, let's call her Paulette, is going to make a cup of tea and curl up with a good book. Paulette might even practice the fiddle or sew herself something! Paulette has the whole day ahead of her.

I want to say one more thing about sweeping the hallway. When I am able to make time to sweep in our house, our cat, Riley, immediately rolls in the pile of pine needles and dust. Immediately. WHY RILEY, WHY?

I am totally aware that I would not do well if I were Paulette and I would probably get the hell out of Melle as soon as possible and head for a place with more to do. Nevertheless. My new self-care goal is to find the balance between booked and over-booked. My other goal is to make that damn Ananas Bourdaloue cake. It looks so crazy and I am obsessed with it. Stay tuned to see how it turns out. I know the answer is probably to prioritize my engagements, but listen - this weekend I will be buying a wreath, watching Star Wars movies back-to-back, partying in Jim Thorpe, helping my dad pick out a Christmas tree, baking cookies with my niece, and finding sprayable snow for our Christmas tree. It is completely impossible to say one of those things is more important than the others. So I will just resign myself to being tired on Monday!

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