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The Most Important Decision of the Year

I think we all know what I am going to say.

The most important decision you make all year is what evergreen you are going to bring home to be your conduit of seasonal joy.

Maybe you are like me and you walk onto the farm saying, "I don't want evergreen, I want EVERYGREEN! Let's get ALL the trees!" I did actually tell Rachel this year that it might be a good idea to buy 6 or 7 trees and set them up in our salon so that it feels like you are walking through a heavily wooded area when you are trying to find the couch. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Needless to say, we did not get 7 trees. We only got one. But the choice was not easy. First of all, there was weird weather when we headed to the Christmas tree farm. We always get our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving because Rachel's parents live close to Yenzer's Tree Farm, which is the greatest place in the world. But this Thanksgiving weekend it was 69 degrees in northeastern PA and the sun was shining hard. It was hot, it was dusty, I had to wear sunglasses. It was a weird feeling to be seeking out this year's perfect tree with sweat running down my back.

But we persevered. At first we were really into these White Pines because they look like muppets. They were just so huggable. And who doesn't want to hug their Christmas tree, you know? Like, "Thanks for bringing me so much joy, tree." Unfortunately, all the White Pines were way too tall for our house. So we reluctantly moved on. This is Rachel saying goodbye to the White Pine section.

There were so many trees. Fraser Firs, Douglas Firs, Concolors! We started to get woozy looking at all the contenders. At one point we said to each other, "What about those trees up on the mountain?" Before realizing that they were not actually part of the farm anymore. We headed to the Douglas section.

After a solid hour of walking through the aisles of conifer glory, we finally found the one. Rachel was pretty psyched that I finally agreed to one.

After a little chop-chop we tied that sucker onto Merrylegs our faithful Toyota and headed back to Philadelphia! Unfortunately, when we got home we realized our Christmas tree stand was at the end of its life and would not hold the tree steady. So we ordered another stand, which arrived today! Stay tuned for updates on tree trimming progression. In other news, it's day two of my l'Occitane en Provence advent calendar, and so far I have received face cream and shampoo and I am pretty impressed by how good I smell. IT'S CHRISTMAS SEASON MOTHERFUCKERS!

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