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Romantic Treasure Hunt in Paris

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Queer Martha is putting together Treasure Hunt series in cities around the world.

First stop: Paris! These treasure hunts will take you to curious corners you might not visit if you know where you are going. They take about 4 hours each, though you are encouraged to stop to eat and drink throughout the trip. The treasure hunts don't actually lead you to a final pile of booty - the treasure is getting through the course and living to tell the tale.

You will need 13 euros to complete this treasure hunt (Or 2 euros and a Cartes Paris Museum pass).

DO NOT do on a Monday or Tuesday.

Paris is the City of Love, and you are about to embark on a very romantic treasure hunt. To start the hunt, go to the Luxembourg Gardens. Get a coffee with your lover. You'll need the energy.

1.) Your first stop is the home of two famous lovers who found refuge in Paris in the 1920s. Their apartment was the epicenter of art and literature. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, and this street has a very flowery name. To find it, exit the Luxembourg Gardens through the western gate (if you are unsure which way is west, find the great fountain. The big building in front of you faces due north.). Once you identify the street, keep going until you find the plaque by the door that tells you a familiar person once lived here.

2.) Once you find the house, it will lead you to your next destination: a grandiose monument to an ill-fated couple. Note the building number of the house with the plaque. Add two. Find the name of the building’s architect engraved in the wall. Put "Rue" in front of his name. This is the number and street name of your next destination. Get there however you can!

3.) After exploring the monument, take note of the inscription above the entrance. Solve the code to discover the address of your next destination.

2.8.1 2.8.2 2.8.3 1.2.1 2.3.5 3.2.2 5.12.1 5.4.3 2.13.2 4.2.3 4.1.3 1.5.1 2.7.1

4.) Once you arrive, take the time to have a snack in the lovely courtyard café. When you have finished your pausecafé, head back to the street. You are in the red light district. Nothing could be more romantic than that! Your next stop will take you from the red light to the red house.

5.) Continue straight out the door and down the street until you can’t continue straight anymore. Turn right. At the first intersection, turn left. The street might remind you of a Tennessee Williams character. Continue until you see the church. Cross under the arches of the church then turn left. Turn right once you pass number one. Continue until you reach the train station. Enter the metro here. Find the line that take you towards Olympiades, but only go 4 stops. When you exit, you will be at another train station. Find the street named after a famous Dutch painter, and take it to the river. Before the bridge, turn right. If you pass train tracks on your left, you’re on the right track. Turn right immediately before you reach the port. Head to number 10.

Once at number 10, head inside and take a photo with your love. Keep this as a souvenir to show people when you tell them how you trapsed all over Paris arm in arm with your grand amour. Congratulations! You finished!

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