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Winter is coming with its advent calendars

So, in the winter it is harder than ever to get out of bed. And I am known around our house for being particularly tricky to wake up and get going. You can't be nice to me to get me out of bed. I'll just trick you into laying back down and cuddling with me. Don't be too strict, either, or I will stay in bed just to spite you. There is a happy medium that involves Robyn or Tegan and Sara blasting from the cell phone speaker and you making coffee in the next room and promising kisses in the kitchen.

But for 25 days in December, all that changes. Because advent calendars give us a reason to live - a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I really only discovered the joy of advent calendars when I was living in France. My host family in La Rochelle were really into Playmobil (it's weirdly big in France?), and they got a Playmobil advent calendar. Every morning we took turns opening a box with a little doll in it and by Christmas we had created the most glorious winter park scene you have ever seen. Fucking breathtaking.

After moving to Paris, my girlfriend Clara and I got the Kinder calendrier de l'avent. Holy cow. There is proper chocolate in that box. Proper chocolate every morning! For nearly a month! The next year we upgraded to Lindt. I'm telling you - advent calenders are the shit.

For the past few years, Rachel and I have been settling for those thin, wildly mediocre chocolate boxes. See photo.

They are fine. I think the chocolates are made in New Jersey... so that's basically buying local, right? Yeah, it's a reason to live through December... but it's more like a half-life. Like Voldemort drinking unicorn blood to stay alive long enough to get the Sorcerer's Stone.

This year I think we need a change. This year is going to be different. This year I think I am going to splurge! I am going to give myself something to look forward to waking up to (besides Rachel's cuddles, naturally.). This year... I plan on getting the l'Occitane en Provence advent calendar.

You guys, I am going to smell like a goddamn field of lavendar all Christmas season long. The l'Occitane en Provence advent calendar is filled with lotion samples and soaps and shit. This year, when I get invited to a surprise tree trimming party, I'll have a stack of hostess gifts just dying to find a new home. Also - how freaking cute is the design? Kanako, the illustrator extraordinaire from My Little Paris, has done some magic, my friends.

So as Christmas approaches this year, you will smell me coming.

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