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Motherfucking Gourd Party

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Listen, that McSweeny's story is simply classic. What better way to celebrate all our favorite fall foods than to do so while dodging gourds hanging from the ceiling fan?

A few years ago Rachel and I hosted a fall harvest dinner party with a giant pumpkin in the middle of the table filled with its own flesh turned into delicious velouté. It was surrounded by apples and pears and squash and parsnips and all the goodness that autumn pours out of its cornucopic bosom every year for us to devour. And you know what - no one really cared. No one was really moved by the bounty. No one cared because they weren't forced to face the very fucking realness of this season.

So this year, with the help of McSweeny's, we are prepared to give our guests the catharsis they deserve. It might be painful at times, but this buffet will give you time to reflect of how everything changes and then everything dies and everything is reborn and has to deal with mutant fucking squash all over again.

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